Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Work In Progress

Welp just created a blogger blog for the domain....  Is that how you say it?  Anywho, I've created this to start while I figure out some other hosting options for the site.  If you are interested in what this is going to be then let me tell you.  I've always been interested in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and the like.  You know how they started, how they work, and how you use them.  Up until a year ago it was only what I call the Netflix kind of interest.  You know when you just looking for something to do and you start watching documentaries on Netflix.  There may be an interest, but its mild at best.  With the real point of trying to avoid boredom.  Then a year ago I downloaded a clicker game that focused around bitcoin, and a couple of YouTubers I watch were either talking about using it or in one case 3D printing coins.  I started just looking up how to mine and other cryptocurrencies out there.  The one thing I couldn't find was a site that just talked about the history and a easy explanation of what to do to get started.  Thus I'm here.
This site will be a starting place for some and a casual read for others.  I have a few ideas on what I want the end result to be, but it is going to be a journey.  Will you get rich because of this  Will I get rich of this site....only if I win the lottery because I started seeing numbers in the code.  In short I doubt it.  I will consider it a win if someone says that they felt informed on the subject.  These early days are going to be me just picking a currency, researching it, and writing a post.  I'll try different formats like breaking it up into parts or full articles on the subject.  Will see what sticks.  In the near future I would like a place for the blog and a section for articles.  Maybe even a ticker with the latest rates of the different currency.  We'll see how it goes.